Events 2014-2015

November 2014
James Kraft teaches High School AP students Edith Wharton and Henry James and they visit The Mount in Lenox.

November 14 and 15 2014
Fall Festival of Shakespeare. Chatham students presented “Hamlet”

February 12 2015
Paul V and Sandy Fischer, HS biology teachers introduced students to Atka, an Arctic gray wolf and members of the Wolf Conservation Center.

February 2015
Rebecca MacBride repeated her talk on “Europe between the Wars” to Mark Pearson Social Studies class in his classroom.

March 17 2015
Wesley Brown addressed Chatham High School on the Freedom March and Voting Rights. Civil Rights Activist, professor and author Wesley Brown of Spencertown addressed Mark Pearson’s American History and other Social Studies classes, (11th and 12th grades) in the auditorium.

March 25 2015
High School Class Trip to SUNY Albany
“Incidents in the Life of Slave Girl” Dramatization

May 1 2015
ESL class trip to The Norman Rockwell Museum

May 8 2015 several days
Students at MED began “The Longhouse project” with Flying Deer Nature Center teachers.

May 13 2015
The Civil War
All Chatham 7th grade students learned a bit about the Civil war, by living it on Wednesday May 13th. The students became the soldiers by donning replica uniforms. They then set about by pitching tents and setting up camp on the school grounds. The project included several subjects: Science, where students worked on outside medical procedures. Math, students worked on scale models of battlefields and disbursement of troops. English and Language Arts students read old journals and letters and wrote diary entries and condolence letters.

MacHaydn Theater Trip