Events 2015-2016

November 13, 14, 15, 22 (High School)
Fall Festival of Shakespeare “The Winters Tale”

November 30 – December 4 (AP English)
Henry James and Edith Wharton with Professor James Kraft

December 20 (7th Grade)
Class Trip “The Wizard of Oz” Schacht Fine Arts Theater, Troy

March 9 and 20 (K-5 MED)
Homespun Dance Residency
students learned square, contra and circle dances and other folk traditions

April 22 (High School Math)
Calculus The Musical Germantown High School 8:30

May (MED Fourth Grade)
The Longhouse Project Phase II

May 12  (3rd and 5th grades)
Empathy Training

May 13 (4th grades)
Empathy Training

May 15  (MED – Elementary)
Art School of Columbia County
Art in the Library K-2 (Emily Dickinson)

May 23 (MED -Elementary)
Art School of Columbia County
Art in the Library  3-5  (Robert Frost)

May 24 (7th Grade)
American Revolution – Living History Day

The American Revolution: Living History Day
The American Revolution: Living History Day – Seventh Grade, 2016 – Photo: Adam Charbonneau

Summer 2016 (Special Education Summer School)
MacHaydn Theatre presentation: “The Seussical”
Carrie Engel, Teacher of special Education for CCSD filed this report in August, 2016
Twenty-five students and adult chaperones attended the Mac-Haydn Children’s Theater Performance of “The Seussical”, which wrapped up their entire Dr Seuss theme for the summer. The special education students had been practicing appropriate behavior for shows in public (sitting quietly, listening to people when they are speaking, staying in seats). Students were able to apply this knowledge in a public (but small) theater at the Mac-Haydn. They also saw many Dr. Seuss characters within the show that they had read, heard, and listened to throughout the summer weeks. This project far exceeded its goals. All the students and adults had a great time at the performance. The show itself was upbeat, engaging, and interactive with the audience and our special education students. The show tied perfectly into the theme of the summer program. Students were familiar with characters and story lines; therefore they were able to pay closer attention to the performance. All of the students stayed in their seats and their behavior was appropriate for a public show.

Ongoing: (High School Science)
Vermicomposting bins installed
Tropical Vivarium installed