Events 2016-2017

At the High School

Study of the works of Edith Wharton and Henry James for HS Advanced Placement English with professor James Kraft of Old Chatham took place in Late 2016

“Chris Herron – Unguarded”        The former professional basketball player  talked about his addictions to opiodes and heroin and how he overcame them. An assembly for the students was held during school on Tuesday, April 11 at noon with an evening program at 7 p.m. for the community.

About drugs and alcohol all six Co Cty HS were present. CEF funded

For the student program the auditorium was packed. CCSD students from grades 8 through 12, as well as High School students from all five Columbia County High Schools.  Mr. Herren was a powerful and, it seemed, an effective speaker.

Teacher Patricia Songayllo with funding from CEF has erected bird feeder and students will participate in a Cornell Bird Feeder Watch        This program is ongoing beginning in April.

High School Biology teacher Sandra Fischer took fifty students to sail the Hudson River on the Clearwater on Tuesday, April 25, to study how such ships were sailed and the science of the Hudson River.

Work began in March with students participating in a new nationally developed FIRST Robotics program.

At the Middle School

The ongoing “Character Education” program this year included the students seeing the film “Hidden Figures” film at the Crandell during the week of February 10 -16

 The American Revolution Comes Alive. For the third year Social Studies teacher Will Richard makes History come alive for our Seventh Grade students with hands-on learning on May 19th

 During March and April, Middle School students and the Chatham Film Club are once again writing and producing an original film to be shown in school and at The Crandell.  They will be guided by film-maker Susan Lutz and teachers Cecelia Hetterich and Michele Debye-Saxinger.

At the Mary E Dardess Elementary School

Jamal Jackson, West African Dancer and Educator will teach fifth Grade students, drumming and traditional dances from Mali, on April 10 /11.   co-sponsored by PS21

With funding from CEF, a number of Ukuleles were purchased, through the Fine Arts Booster Club, to encourage all Fifth Graders to learn an instrument in an Afterschool program which will begin in May with Music teacher Abby Brownell.

This year the Fourth grade will put the final touches to The Longhouse Project that has been led by Flying Deer Nature Center for the past three springs

Kathryn Kosto and The Art School of Columbia County, partnering with the MED librarian, will teach an after school pop-up Art in the Library program to students from kindergarten through fifth Grade during the Spring Months.


After more than ten years of helping to fund the Fall Festival of Shakespeare, we have great news: pending the passage of the School Budget in May, this fabulous Shakespeare program, which has involved so many students over the years, is to be included in annual curriculum expenses. Thanks go out to Judi Mathews and her crew for so faithfully ensuring that the program happened every year; to Shakespeare & Company for their sterling work; and to the students, past and present, who love this program and give 110% every year. Chatham Education Foundation is proud to been one of the underwriters from the start.