Events 2017-2018

Chatham High School

Clearwater Sloop on the Hudson River
Two trips were scheduled on the Clearwater Sloop. Having studied in the classroom the scientific and social history of the Hudson River, students boarded the Clearwater, learned about the ship’s commercial past and how to sail it, e.g., how to operate the sexton, rudders and sails. Below deck they interacted with the crew, tested the river’s water quality and engaged in a study assessing the ecological impact of the plastic trash currently in the river.

Artemis Robotics Program
Chatham students participated in this nationally developed program. High school students designed and built their own robot, which they displayed and competed with against other schools’ robots.
Metropolitan Museum in New York City Trip-A grant underwriting the cost of bus transportation enabled high school students interested in art to spend a day at the Metropolitan Museum.
Millay Colony for the Arts “Poet in Residence”-Poet, Danniel Schoonebeek, was a “Poet in Residence” in the high school for two weeks, spending at least five classroom sessions with each group of students he worked with.

Chatham Middle School

“American Revolution Comes Alive”
Seventh grade students spent the day at the fairgrounds, in appropriate costume with replicas of period rifles, building a battle encampment ground. The event involved hands-on learning experiences, such as open fire cooking, spinning flax, and building the encampment itself.

Middle School Ukuleles
Funds were given to the Middle School music department to buy 20 ukuleles for the sixth through eighth graders.

Character Education Program
A year long and school-wide undertaking, all students engaged in activities designed to develop qualities such as empathy, cooperation, perseverance and initiative. Four school-wide assemblies with invited speakers were held.

Chatham Elementary School

Flying Deer Nature Center
Worked with fourth grade students. Students read My Side of the Forest, a book about surviving and problem solving in the woods. They then went in the surrounding woods to learn about survival.

Art School of Columbia County
Offered its Art in the Library after school project. Five programs were held which used poetry to inspire the children to write their own poems and created collages or simple paintings on the poetry’s themes. Children in kindergarten through fifth grade participated.