Who We Are

A dedicated Board of Directors composed of community members, parents, school personnel, and students encourages creative and innovative learning that enhances the curriculum. They award grants for enrichment projects and help with the raising of funds.

Chatham Education Foundation members
Front Row: L-R Mike Chuddy, Lael Locke, Jeanne Damia, Amy White, Judy Staber, Muriel Faxon, Hank Binzer, Alicia Anderson, Elizabeth Conley Back Row: L-R Brooke Decker, Patricia Songaylio, Sandy Fischer, Michele Debye-Saxinger, Melony Spock, Michelle Apland, Kathryn Kostco, Cecilia Hetterich, Jeff Artist, Jennifer Powel, Sal DeAngelo

The Board of the Chatham Education Foundation is comprised of community members, teachers, business leaders, and school administrators.

Board Members 2022-2023

Judith Matthews, President
Sandy Fischer, Secretary
Hank Binzer, Treasurer

Jeff Bloomberg
Sal DeAngelo, Superintendent
Muriel Faxon, School Board Member
Gracelyn Gebel, Student Representative
Amy Sitzer
Isabella Spencer, Student Representative
Mike Stead, Middle School Dean
John Thorsen, High School Principal
Rita Van Alstyne
Ashley Weldon
Amy White
Julie Wojick

Berkshire Taconic Community Foundation

Peter Taylor, President
Maeve O’Dea, Programs
800 North Main Street, Shefffield MA 01257-0400

CEF Board November, 2016